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dildo facts

10 Dildo Facts

How much do you know about dildos? The worlds second most popular sex toy after vibrator. Yes, the plural of dildo is dildos not dildoes. Why? I don’t know, maybe you can find out and tell us about it.  That’s already two facts there. Lol!  There’s a lot to know about dildos don’t worry. Let’s […]

vibrators for beginners

5 Best Vibrators for Beginners

If you are new and haven’t used sex toys before, searching online and scrolling to thousands of adult webshops can be a bit overwhelming. Trying different kinds of vibrators is the best way to figure out what you want whether you’re after clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, or both. This is how you find out what works for you and your body not just from a strangers, as each one of us is different. Here are our 5 best vibrators for beginners.

toys for ladies

Toys for Ladies 101

There are a few things you need if you want to level up playing by yourself with a help of sex toys. With the variety of options nowadays, you can find a lot of cheap yet very satisfying and good quality sex toys that can last. Surprisingly, you only need a toy, a good lubricant […]

sex tips

Fingering 101

It takes an effort to understand what you like cause let’s face it, good sex isn’t one of those things that just happens naturally. There are women out there who doesn’t enjoy oral sex, a vibrator or intercourse.

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