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Lustful Trip 2

Lustful Trip 1


I saw how his eyes got a bit darker and the growing bulge in his pants is visible. I can’t wait to feel it, buried deep inside me.

He went near me, between my dripping legs to be exact. He looked at me and smirked before I felt his finger playing with my dripping juice – oh how I would love to kiss that smirked out of his face.

He suddenly looked at me again and asked me, “What do you want me to do?”, feeling his hot breath down there is just turning me on more.

I blushed and I can’t help it, he keeps on teasing me with his playful fingers just inserting the tip making me crazy and frustrated. He asked me one more time with a more serious tone.

This time I know he is not playing and wouldn’t do anything till he gets the answer he wants or me begging for it.

I looked him in the eye and told him how I want him so bad and how I want him to make me feel sore.

Just when he heard it he immediately devoured my pussy and started inserting more fingers inside it, which took my soul and couldn’t help but to grab his hair and move my hips more begging him to fist me.

I feel so full, it’s a bit painful but the hell I’m in heaven with the pleasure he makes me feel right now…

I came twice on his face, I grab his face to kiss him but while kissing him he grabbed and pulled my hair, turned me around and pressed me against the cold wall which gave me access to see our reflection on the floor to ceiling mirror on our side.

I can feel I’m dripping again just seeing how manly and hard he is.

I can’t help but smile, oh how I love it how rough he can be. I can feel his other hand rubbing and squeezing my butt cheek followed by a hard sharp slap on my ass.

He whispered in my ears “we are just getting started”.

Who am I to say no to this pleasurable feeling he is giving me.

Next thing I know he is inserting his long thick cock in my ass, just a matter of seconds when I started moaning so loud, I can’t even control myself anymore and just let all my worries go and enjoy how good it feels right now.

I can feel my pussy cumming so hard and feeling like I’m gonna squirt anytime soon . I reached down on my clit and started rubbing it making it more intense for me, he removed my hand and he played with it instead and in just a matter of minute I just felt a sudden gush of liquid making the wall and floor wet – I just squirted so bad but he is still fucking and squeezing my ass letting me know he is close to cumming, I told him I want to feel his cum filling me up which I felt a hot liquid flowing inside me right after I told him so..

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