Erotic Sex Stories

Lustful Trip

Finally! Few minutes from now I can finally feel his arms wrapped around me and give him a hard longing kiss, enough to make him feel how badly I miss and want him. Just thinking of the stuffs he’d do to me gives me that familiar warm tingling sensation between my legs, it was just a matter of seconds before I started to feel myself dripping down there making my panties soaking wet.

There he is with that big smile plastered on both of our faces. After the warm welcome we hopped on a bike and I was a bit hesitant at first cause I removed my dirty panties when I arrived without bothering to change into new ones, it would be too much going over my bag and I was too excited to see him, I didn’t really care about it. Wearing a short dress on a windy day, now I know it can be a bit of a problem. I told him in a low voice the issue and he smiled and told me I can drive if I want to and of course I did. Going to the place the ride was breathtaking, there was not much passerby in the area. The sun is up but the wind is cool and feeling it brushing through my bare skin feels refreshingly good. Halfway to where we are headed, I started to feel his warm breath on my neck and his lips on it giving few pecks and his big hands massaging the sides of my breast, I like feeling him all over me and it turns me on. I told him about it and asked him to stop cause I might not be able to concentrate on my driving but he didn’t listen he started to lick my ears giving me a chill going down to my neck sucking it I can feel he left a hickey on it. From that moment on I know I lost it and I am totally under his spell. I felt his right hand making its way down to my thighs rubbing it lightly for a few times making me spread my legs apart a little more. I can feel he is smiling and liking the fact that he knows I am bending to his will and it feels good. His hand made its way higher to the hem of my dress and I can feel my pussy throbbing awaiting to be touched. He run his finger on my slit feeling how wet it is before expertly spreading it lips to look for my clit. I let out a gasp when he pressed on my clit hard and started massaging it on a circular motion then down to the rabbit whole and back giving my clit couple of quick hard press and I can’t help but to hold on to the bike tighter trying to control not to move my hips but he just started to play with it more and more until I called him with his name pleasing him to play with my pussy more. I can feel myself feeling hotter and all I can think of at the moment is for him to put his thick hard cock in my pussy and fuck me till I lose control of my senses. I cant help but to let out some moans which did not escape from him and started to finger me more and looked for my G-spot which feels like I’m gonna cum soon but giving me the feeling that he is gonna make me squirt any moment. He suddenly asked me what I want and without hesitation I told him I want him to fist me. I can feel he started to add more fingers in my pussy and it made me so horny I just feel like sitting on his face and cum on him. I was already at the peak and just felt myself squirting right there and then. I can see that big smile on the side mirror and I just smiled back at him and he told me it’s just the start.

We arrived at the place that we rented out. The place is nice and cozy. I hurried inside the shower and clean myself hoping the horniness would subside a bit. But the feeling is still there and I couldn’t take it off my mind how his fingers feels so good.

I went out of the bathroom only to find out an empty room turns out he went out a bit to have a quick call. I went to my bag and pulled out my rabbit vibrator I can’t help it, I lay down on the bed completely naked with myself, legs spread wide and started rubbing my pussy with the vibrator. Feeling how wet I am already and don’t wanna stop. I can feel my cum dripping – a lot of it. I heard the door open and saw him in front of me staring on pussy, watching how my cum is dripping to my ass while holding the vibrator just on my clit. I feel a bit embarrassed but instead of explaining I look into his dark eyes and I begged him. I begged him to please fuck me hard.

——To be continued…

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