Daisy Life-size Realistic Sex Doll (35.43lb)


This is Daisy, an Asian girl. Her body is small and cute, her skin is fair and soft, and she is absolutely obedient. Because of strict tutoring since childhood, Isabella is an absolute lady. She's a little green, you'll be her first man, and you may need a little patience to teach her how to please you. But when you train her successfully, you will get a best girlfriend.

Pink Breasts

Daisy's breasts are softer and fuller than you think, and its nipples are very firm. The naturally sagging breasts are very realistic. If you like big-breasted ladies, don't miss it, you will be conquered by its tenderness.

Stable Bones

Daisy has a long and slender body, but the solid doll support in the body can support Daisy to pose in variety of ways. You can change its pose in different scenes, such as doggy, missionary, spooning, and so on.

Young Pussy

Its skin is delicate and smooth and you can even observe its goose bumps. Erodongs Dolls are made of the material closest to human skin to ensure the user's health and bring you the most perfect orgasmic pleasure.

Play Any Role

As a slim teenage girl, Daisy likes to try on all kinds of new clothes. You can dress it up with dream outfits that will give you a new feeling every time. But be careful not to give it clothes that are too tight or lose their color, Daisy needs your gentlemanly care.

Color: Nude

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