Naked Man Apron

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@nikkinailznyc Cute ass 😍😍

The fact that God is SILENT does not mean he is ABSENT. He's still in the helm of your affairs. Therefore do not despair!

@alexdeakin A blink and miss it affair.... Still it’s not to be scoffed at.😁

@askmenfess Imagination -shawn mendes

Im feelin all my fucking feelings

@bheraldo7 why you talk my life story in one reply like that.

Playing my @PlayStationEU for the first time in three weeks after buying a #Switch, the controller feels rather weird

I think @gukksdior had a stroke mid typing

@seonghwahwahwa Did you try all of these: +822336 or 00822336 or 011822336 or +820102336