Toys for Ladies 101

Toys for Ladies 101

There are a few things you need if you want to level up playing by yourself with a help of sex toys. With the variety of options nowadays, you can find a lot of cheap yet very satisfying and good quality sex toys that can last. Surprisingly, you only need a toy, a good lubricant and your imagination. That’s all!

For beginners, it is best recommended to have a simple-looking toy that vibrates well. You can opt between battery operated vibrators or the one that’s attached to a cord for charging.

Some people, like me, are bothered, for some reason, to hold a vibrator on their hands while they are busy feeling stuff on their clit or vagina.

The thing is you will only know this once you’re doing it. It distracts my focus at times therefore to have an option not to hold the vibrator on my fingertips is a plus.

This type of basic sex toy is very convenient to carry around, it is handy and small you can fit it in your toiletry pouch. Choose the one with a good packaging. It helps a lot that compact items like such are stashed properly and in a stealth sac so you don’t have to worry how to store or keep them away from other people.

If you have a toy, you have to have this, too! Lube, lube, lube up!

It is important that you have a lubricant. One cannot have enough lube. Increasing the wetness aside from your natural fluid gives you more exciting slide-and-glide, and makes you more sensual. It just makes the just even better.

It increases the sexiness and the arousal exponentially, no kidding! No matter how hydrated you are sometimes, for some reason there are instances that your vagina does not seem to produce enough vaginal liquid.

To avoid the dry friction, you have got to depend on your trusted lubricant. Another plus factor for lube is that there are times that you wanted to orgasm quick but have not much time to spend on foreplay, you may want to jump onto the real action and use your back-up to hydrate. Saliva works too, we all know that, but it is more convenient if you always have the generous lube beside you at all times.

Trust me, you’ll take Fairy Godmother for the benefits of lustrous lube when you’re inching your way up to you orgasm. It also helps boost multiple orgasms once you learned the best tricks that work for you.

When you have the toy and your lube, just go for it. Start small and slowly. Never force anything.

A play is supposed to be fun and exciting, so you have to keep that in mind. Some people wanted to do it all by themselves. I’d suggest you ask your partner to do it for you, if you have a partner because then you can focus on immersing yourself to the whole experience. But, eventually, you really need to learn to master this alone as the main purpose of sex toys is so you can play even if you are all by yourself.

Grab one today! You won’t regret it. Make your first always memorable. Go ahead and tickle your fancy!