Best Gift for Your Valentine

Best Gift for Your Valentine

There is nothing sweeter and sexier in a partner who’d thoughtfully prepared your Valentine date.


All these basic Valentine's token from bouquet, sweets, dinner, and Valentine’s gift are all good, but what you may want to consider is to make the celebration very memorable and something that only few, if not only you, were able to pull off. The best gift you can always give is something that’ll last and will stay stronger as time goes by, maybe even if you are no longer together (We hope not!). And one sure thing that can blow your partner’s expectation is to give your Valentine the Gift of Experience.

You may want to seriously consider doing these tips. It is best when done on a different day other than February 14 when all the expectations are high, and the atmosphere is saturated with so much noise and clutter. Let your partner sulk a little that you did not prepare something on February 14. Little he/she knows that your gift is yet to happen. Now, what kind of experience can you provide?

A session about your sexual desires.

Ask your lover that you mean to talk privately about something very important. Ask him/her to open his/her mind and heart, be sincere and honest to you about it. Set expectations that it will be good for your relationship. Be open to all your sexual fantasies and discuss about it. It is not enough that you hear your partner’s input, you have to jot down notes. You need to know what is workable soon and in the future. Of course, it is expected that there will be fantasies that you won’t agree, or be comfortable to do together. In such case, identify what you can do about it. The goal here is give him/her the experience of getting to know him/her more, and try to accept and embrace her psyche and other parts of his/her personality that may be few, or none, had asked him/her before. If you think your partner is holding back, be brave to open the conversation and initiate to talk about your thoughts first.


Knowing the desire is one thing, the next thing is to plan how to make those sexual fantasies into reality! Studies show that a partner that talks about their inner wants and desires tend to have better, long-lasting and exciting time together. Initiating this kind of conversation is a real hit to women! And, surprisingly, it pokes a special and sensitive part on men. Overall, it creates more trust and intimacy on each other and into the relationship. You may want to try a couple of sexual desires every week until the end of February, as a treat!

The Love Box

A Love Box contains bath essentials that you can use when you share a steamy hot bath together. When you create the Love Bath always keep in mind that you will wash your lover as if you are a mother to a delicate toddler. Don’t forget the bath soak or the bath bomb so you can share hot baths together. Suppose you have no bath tub in your bathroom, don’t worry because this will require you to bring your partner outside where you can enjoy a long hot bath in the tub, just for the two of you. Grab some wine, too, it’s a must! Still in the box, make sure you include a massage oil and a scrub. It is such a great feeling to share a sensual bath with your lover, whether you wish to make love in the shower or not. But most of the time, a hot bath normally turn into a hot steamy lovemaking session.


Massage, massage, massage all the way!

Whether you know the proper technique or not, it does not really matter as long as you do it slowly and with your tender touch. Not all of us are gifted with the power of therapeutic massage, however every human beings know how to touch with affection. Use that to touch your partner. Go slow and take each strokes with care and affection. Always keep in mind if you did good on this, you will be rewarded with a great massage too, or better a greater sensual experience, because of all the nerves that you have awaken while caressing his/her largest organ --- the skin. The skin has many nerve receptors on sensitive parts. Before you try to massage it with extra stokes, keep in mind to touch it very carefully. You don’t want to inflict pain even if you got the smallest of fingers.


Just always remember, there’s nothing wrong in sharing your thoughts, caress and affection to the person you want to spend your precious private time with.


If you happen to be single, you can still try these ideas with your closest friends. Yes, encourage your friends to take this journey with you. You’ll feel great doing this. It is enriching to the spirit and a different and sensual journey, too! Happy Trails!