Sexual Polarity

Sexual Polarity

What is sexual polarity?

     Sexual polarity basically works like magnets, surely you’ve heard the saying “opposite attracts”. In humans it is the masculine and feminine energy being the charges. The more opposite you are the more you feel attracted to the other.

     Have you ever been to a date or met someone so good-looking and you start getting to know each other and found out that both of you were perfect for each other. But for some reason there was no sexual attraction or as a romanticist would put it “there was no magical spark”.

     Not saying sexual attraction is the only thing that matters.There’s emotional attraction as well which is caused by your connection and similarities with each other. We need both for a relationship to work.

     According to author David Deida “Masculine and feminine aspects exist in all beings. For real passion to occur, there needs to be a ravisher and a ravishee. Sexual attraction is based on sexual polarity. All natural forces flow between two poles. The North and South Poles of the Earth create a force of magnetism. The positive and negative poles of a battery create an electrical flow. The masculine and feminine poles between people create a flow of sexual energy in motion.” (Secrets of Mind and Reality).

     Both men and women has masculine and feminine traits. We used it in different situations and ways. I know I often feel my masculine energy when I’m trying to prove myself and usually when I’m around someone new. No one wants to look weak! Most of us create a shell and we need to learn how to break it to let out our feminine or masculine energy.

     You know better than anyone else when it comes to your relationship with your partner. Do you need to dial it up or down the intensity? How?

     Now that you’ve asked, figure out whether you have a great emotional connection but sex is like a 1-2-3-I’m done boring or left with once to twice a week planned sex or the other way around, you know what I mean.


Dial up

*Bring in the “Beast”

Be aggressive, if you’re too shy, put that at the back of your head, everything will just be a memory after all. Reconnect with your inner beast and devour your prey.

*Turn the heat up

I know you might be sweet and all to your partner but hey make her feel and show her that you see her as a sexual being. Sure, sweet and caring is great but we need the intense feeling of when your hormones get into action, if not always then often (after all, that’s simple biology). Even a little ass smack can lead to a really hot steamy adventure.


If your partner is more feminine (not talking about the gender) take the lead. Pin her/him down lead and start letting the beast out.




Listen to her and casually react to what she/he tells you.

*Be aware of his/her mood

Keep your hands to yourself, try to understand her side when she is not in the mood and think about putting yourself in his/her shoes.