Being Open About Your Desires, Leads to a Healthier Relationship

Being Open About Your Desires, Leads to a Healthier Relationship

Better Communication for a Healthier Lifestyle

Why is it important to open up about your desires? Are you having a hard time deciding if you should tell your partner about it? Why both of you should start to openly communicate?

     Whether you’re with someone new or in a long-term relationship, being open about almost everything even your wildest desires can be headache. It doesn’t even matter if you’re in a monogamous or polygamous set-up. Opening up can be hard, easy to say but hard to do. Because the truth is no matter how much of an “open book” you are, there are still times where you’re just so unsure to tell. Which is normal because as human as we are, we are sometimes overpowered by our emotions and tend to over think.



     From my point of view, opening up in general is a great thing. I want to speak whatever is on my mind, let those be my opinions, perceptions most especially my desires – what I want and how I want it. Having a partner that can handle open and honest relationship, is a plus. Most of the people ‘till today, can’t even talk about their sexuality in public. Let’s go a bit deep, why is it really important?

     Do you consider communication without sharing your thoughts and whatnot be considered as effective communication?  For example, when you can’t speak up or talk about certain stuff with your bae you go looking for some friends that you can let it all out, right? For those who has no one to tell, with today's technology there are various ways to find somebody to share these thoughts, specifically chat with. You see all these thoughts can impact how we feel and sometimes even how we react. Would you like it if your partner is more open and comfortable talking with someone else, rather than talking with you? It may or may not lead to cheating or something serious. What happens next, depends on that person, unless you try to speak up, listen and communicate. There are a lot of relationships ruined or missing out on opportunities, just because of this one small thing. I think there are a lot of people, who would agree with me on this but this blog is for those who are having doubts or scared to speak up. One thing I can say is that over thinking can be a big hindrance in opening up. Wouldn’t you love it if you can talk about certainly anything? Talking about sex is way more fun than you think it is, it gives you the consent whether to accept or say no and basically gives you more opportunities to enthusiastically talk and eventually try out new ideas which spices up the whole relationship. After all it is a supposed to be a give and take right? Would you let it put a gap between you and your partner?


Are you having a hard time deciding if you should tell your partner about it?

     Being open in general and specifically with your desires but what is desire? Desire is something we “crave” to experience or have. Humans nature is to set a goal to get what we want, to satisfy our emotions. Things gets a bit difficult though, if there are other people involved. Having doubts, or over thinking whether you should open up about your desires, is normal. Trust me you’re not alone. Open and honest relationship may not be for everyone, but surely your partner would appreciate it if you tell him, or her what you want, rather than leaving it grayed out. Sure enough you had those intimate moments or a sudden feeling where you just want to ask him to do things on or with you, but you went over thinking so just end up keeping silent. It can feel a bit frustrating, and leaves another ‘what if’ in your head afterwards. Does it sound familiar? What if you both want it? This is where “communication” butts in. Try to talk to your partner and listen to what he or she has to say. as well.


Why both of you should start to openly communicate?

     Our minds is a tricky little thing. It’s not rare for it to create false assumptions, which we end up holding on strongly to. Don’t let these false assumptions lead your relationship. Confirm that they are not false, by getting it out of your head, and communicating your intentions. Communication is their own communication needs and style. By which knowing and learning about another requires patience, practice, and understanding.

When you’re trying to communicate with your partner:

*Take some time to communicate without distractions

*Think about what you want to talk about with him or her

* Make it as clear as possible - to avoid confusion.

*Listen to your partner

*Be careful and aware of your tone

*Negotiate, learn to agree to disagree.


When there is lack of communication in a relationship, problems are possible to arise like:


*Emotional and Sexual dissatisfaction

*Loss of faith towards each other


     Being able to openly communicate with your partner means freedom, and makes it easy to maintain a healthy relationship. Having a healthy relationship means both respect and trust towards each other.  Don’t try to make your relationship perfect, perfect is out of balance, therefore, it’s not as good as it sounds. Make it balanced instead. It might take time to get to know how to better approach your partner but it’s worth a shot to try.

     Learn to express, speak up and talk with your partner if you feel and think there is something wrong or missing. Who would not want to improve the intimacy they share with each other. Make your relationship not only happier but healthier.