5 Best Vibrators for Beginners

5 Best Vibrators for Beginners

Not sure which one to try? These are the 5 best vibrators for beginners.

If you are new and haven’t used sex toys before, searching online and scrolling to thousands of adult webshops can be a bit overwhelming. Trying different kinds of vibrators is the best way to figure out what you want whether you’re after clitoral stimulation, G-spot stimulation, or both. This is how you find out what works for you and your body not just from a strangers, as each one of us is different. Here are our 5 best vibrators for beginners.

1. Bullet Vibe

Snake Silicone Vibrator – $16.8

For someone who likes clitoral stimulation bullet vibe is the king! You can play with it as much as you want around your clit with you having full control of the vibrations. Most bullet vibrators are basic and have only one vibration pattern. Bullet is more of the discreet and compact vibrator but don’t you underestimate this little buddy, it’s still powerful AF.

2. Wand Vibrator

Illusion Vibrator – $15.68

Wand vibrators is the classic vibrator. They’re super powerful and they are great for solo or partnered sex, your partner can use the wand with ease on you while you do your thing.

3. Kegel Ball

Lamboll Kegel Balls – $19.20

Kegel balls, IK IK this is not a vibe but girl you should still try wearing it and you’ll thank me later. It feels good when you wear them. Where? Inside your vagina ofcourse, it also helps tone your pelvic floor – which many people claims it strengthens and improves your orgasms.

4. G-spot Dildo

Beanfun Silicone Vibrator – $23.72

G-spot dildo is the one if vibrations aren’t really your thing, it’s worth trying just a classic dildo. This one doesn’t look like your typical dildo that resembles a dick. It has a curved tip that should hit your G-spot when inserted. Moving in and out should be enough to stimulate your G-spot and once you get the hang of it, it’ll all add to the sensation.

The Beanfun Silicone Vibrator is great if you want a wand and a G-spot vibrator at the same time.

5. Rabbit Vibrator

Charm Happy Vibrators Pro Series – $27.34

Rabbit Vibrator is easy to identify as they have two tips, for insertion and the other just enough to reach your clit. It’s best for those who want both G-spot stimulation and clitoral stimulation.