No Undies Day

No Undies Day

Do you wear undies right now while reading this? Well, I hope not. I hope you have nothing but a blanket, or a pillow, or just your bare skin. I hope you are naked, or naked with someone.

It is not against the law not to wear underwear. It is not against anything at all, if you think about it. Nobody notices if you are not wearing one. Try it and you’ll agree with me that no one will notice it. But, the question is “Why wear them if you can skip it?”

Undies, particularly panties, briefs, boxers, are created to protect and cover our sensitive parts. The intention is for hygienic purposes. But, you are not required to cover it all the time. It is a living thing, and it needs to breathe, just saying.

Men have it easy in protecting their soldier, err penis. Their sex organ is visible to the eyes and touch. Women have it differently. It is inside. We can neither see nor touch it. But, can you smell it? It is a different story.

Now, why do I say it is okay not to wear your undies. Well, not many are accustomed to have a No Undies Day. But, it is one habit that every woman must learn and do regularly. Women are always exposed to a lot of irritation down there simply because of the nature of their clothing. Most of the time, it tends to be fit and close to the skin, if not hugging. Our vagina, although located internally, is exposed to so many irritants that we tend to disregard to give it a break. Let your vagina breathe, ladies! Give it freedom. Wear nothing when you can. Wear a very loose shirt or skirt or your boyfriend’s boxers and let the flower breath fresh air and bask in some sunlight when you can afford it!

Allowing the vagina to chill and relax is healthy to the entire village of clitoris, outer and inner labia, vaginal canal, and the rest of the village members. It also restores the sensitivity of the nerves. It dries up the surface/skin and prevents the growth of potential bacteria. Plus, it also feels sensual and sexy to your partner. It may feel unusual at first but after a couple of hours you’ll be surprised how organic and natural it feels to let go and be naked down there. When you do it regularly, you’ll forget most of the time that you are not wearing any underwear whenever you do. Sometimes, you’ll look for clothing that will allow you to do so. Just so you can avoid wearing your undies.

So, how does one do it? Best practice is to do it regularly. Do it while you sleep and during your Netflix days. Sleep naked. If that is too much, sleep with only 1 piece of clothing. You’ll have better and deeper sleep. You’ll notice that. The body temperature tends to be more regulated when you are naked. If you are sleeping with a partner, you’ll notice that it will give you more benefits. Sleep will be a fantastic time for you to be closer and more intimate with each other. Plus, you tend to be more loving and sensual any time of your sleep. It improves sleep, health, and your relationship, too.

As with your health, you’ll notice you have more sensitive sex organ. You’ll be less prone to bacteria and itchiness. And your self-esteem will improve, you’ll glow better and look and feel more beautiful. It is true to your eyes and to the eyes of those who can see you.

Try it now. Take it off and start to see the difference.