Martina Realistic Sex Doll Torso (52.14lb)


Hi everyone, my name is Martina, I am a model and I am 22 years old. I've been wanting to fall in love recently, and I want to develop a beautiful relationship. I am ready to give my all, my body and my soul. I have imagined more than once, crazy sex with my man in different places, I was penetrated countless times, my pussy was full of love juice, my body was covered with cum, my vagina and anus couldn't close, They clamored for more.

The Perfect Size Doll

Martina is very realistic and detailed, especially the texture on its skin. The material is so soft that you feel as if you are touching a real lady, and you will see that the colors make it look real. It's a good size, not too big to move or position, and not too small to ruin the immersion or fun. It's heavy enough to hold and do your thing, while also being easy to clean and handle.

Impressive Vagina

This silicone doll has two impressive access to stimulate your penis just like the real deal. It has a lot of suction because it has no exit holes. The vaginal tube is tight and textured, and the anus is smooth and comfortable. Both circle entrances are tight, offering enough length and different feeling.

Voluptuous and Curvaceous Body

This sex doll is about the size of a real lady, with perfectly proportioned breasts to hips, allowing you to forget it is a torso sex doll and indulge in multiple poses. Dressing your doll to your liking to make it seductive is sure to turn you on. When you rock its back and forth during intercourse, their breasts and hips will sway back and forth as they are more natural.

Built-in Advanced Skeleton

The built-in brace is strong and powerful, allowing Martina to be fully upright and in all kinds of difficult positions. You can choose your favorite pose to play with it and change its pose in different scenarios. Notice that when not using the doll, please keep the doll lying flat and keep its legs straight to avoid damage to the skin of the joints.

Color: Nude

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