Flavor adds texture and quality.

It gives different dimensions to a very simple picture. It sparks more palettes in our mouth. It makes things more attractive, appealing, and engaging. It makes the experience more memorable.

How do you add flavor to your relationship?

Aside from the usual get-to-know-you-more activities that you can do together you can try to explore different things for the first time. But what if you’ve done almost all the random stuff together because you’ve been dating for quite sometime now.

How do you incorporate flavor without making it too hard for the both of you?

One fun thing is to try new things as a couple. Make a list and talk about the things you imagine doing as an individual, and ask your partner to come with you so you can do it together. The more unusual the activity for the other, the more exciting is the return when you’ve accomplished it. Make sure you get to contribute equally so that it will not seem like a burden to each other. Think about all the adventure and cool stuff that you simply imagine before, whether it is an ultimate dream or silly adventure you wanted to do during your teenage years, or you keep putting on hold until your friends or your time/bank account can afford it. This is the best time to do it with your partner --- the best person to share memories and time with. It will also allow you to know your partner better. It will be fun! It will be an experience that you will surely love to look back over the years. You will get to kick boredom aside and do sexy stuff while on it! Your girlfriend will adore you more because ladies love memories. And your boyfriend will be more proud of you because you are up for it. It can also be a test of how much can you endure for your partner.

But that’s not all...

Put more flavor and spice to it! Now, to add twists and turns to your plans, always encourage each other to think of a sexy surprise before you cap each day of activity. It does not have to be too complicated, but it needs to be creative and unpredictable. You set your own limitation. It’s all up to you! You, as the giver, must always consider your partner (the receiver). The goal is to add value to the experience, make it memorable by being very creative; think of it as something your partner will never expect to happen, or you never thought you can both pull off. Make it personal but at the same time intimate. Use the setting and the theme of your activity as a guide of how you will surprise your partner. Simply think of the small and simple things that excite your partner. Ask yourself questions like what are your partner’s weakness, what interests him/her, makes them talk and gosh about every time, and use that as an inspiration for your surprises. The elements of surprise, fun, higher satisfaction and creativity have to be there. Don’t worry because all of these things will be credited as good points to you. By doing this, you add value to your partner and your relationship, make them feel extra special, and it gives you more leverage for your future favors or requests (HAHAHA!). You level up the game and make both of you happy.

Now, if you haven’t done this before let me say start small and foolproof. I highly recommend the basic stuff like wearing a sexy lacy underwear underneath your climbing gear, if you will be doing outdoor activity. If you are conquering a body of water and your partner already expect you to show off your body and skin, bring a sexy blindfold and a handcuff instead. Use it when he least expects it. You can sneak in your sexy thong in his backpack pocket and don’t forget to put a naughty handwritten note, and place it where he will find it later the day and will have time to take notice and read. You can always bring a whip cream and ask him to keep it in his things. When he asks what it is for, simply say you’ll need it later to make him happy, or wink and say he’ll thank heavens for it later.

The idea is to excite and give small pockets of surprise and joy to your partner while you make memories that you will both laugh and cherish in the future. Spice up your relationship and more flavors of life will come out and pour your way. Happy trails!