Valentine’s Day Celebration for Singles

Valentine’s Day Celebration for Singles

You got flowers, chocolates, wine, and yourself.

Happiness is best when shared, they say. However, it is not really a problem if you fly solo and you don't have someone yet, to share your happy moments. Selfish love is better, especially this time of the year. Have you tried getting hot and sensual all by yourself? If yes, have you tried exploring yourself, touching yourself in places that seem familiar yet gives you new feels? That's good! How about you treating yourself very good lately? Yes? Good for you, carry on! But, if you haven’t, don't worry. It is not yet too late to keep up with your self-love meter.

If you are single this month of “coupling”, don’t worry we have hotter and more exciting plans in store for you.

Take your time reading these suggestions and let your mind wander. Allow your sensual imagination to take you to your Fantasy Land. There is nothing wrong if you take care of yourself and satiate your desires. You are allowed to get wet and feel hot, so we hope you’re ready with the consequences. Let’s go…

3: Netflix and Chill

We all have crushes here and there. They may be new encounters, or an old pal. If you've tried the movie marathon party you used to have on weekend this idea is the same, but your agenda is better! Your goal is to score a make out sesh with your crush and see if the feeling is mutual (We hope!) You have to plan this carefully, though. From the movies or series that you wanted to watch, the snacks you wanted to munch on (Keep this in mind: Avoid strong flavour and too much spices. This is not a picnic.), your drinks (Avoid too much alcohol. This is not Oktoberfest! Do not get him/her drunk just make him/her hot.) and, of course, your guests or guest.

You have two options here. Option one is: Invite single friends over, if you want. The more, the merrier! But let your friends know the reason why you’re hosting the party so they won’t be surprised if something real nice happened in a corner, or somewhere. They won’t be looking for you like a nosy child when you sneak out, or they’ll even help you create magic and opportunities, just ask them to stay low and subtle. Another option is to Fly Solo. Be the boss of your own plan. Either of the two, remember to never make your guest/s feel that something is up. Chill and watch your plan unfolds in front of you.

2: S.O.P.

The good old days of SOP are gone. Thanks to advance technology video call and photos are instant nowadays. But, if you haven’t experienced the glory days of SOP, or if you wanted to re-live the magic, then we encourage you to do it now. Set up the mood! Do not just simply do it anywhere. Avoid doing it your bathroom or bedroom either. Do it somewhere random. Find a spot in your home where you think it is so regular and boring, you wanted to bless it as your Love Spot or Love Chair. Create magic out of your ordinary things. You’re welcome!

So, how to do it? Pick the time of the day or night. Pick from your list of flirty casual single friends. Tell them right away that you wanted to flirt and ask if they are up for an SOP. Keep it casual, no big deal. If you don’t know anybody who will do it with you, use your social media. Dating up is full of people ready for this kind of chase-and-play. No video calling, no pictures, keep it old school-ish. Just use your sexy voice, sexy imagination and enjoy each other’s fantasy and company.

1: Dress-Up and Play

Do something new this year! Order your fantasy sex toy and play with it all along. Whether you are single recently or for the longest time, ask yourself what is the sexiest toy you always check online but avoid buying. This is the time to buy it. Buy it for yourself. Buy it to increase your esteem and your confidence. And when you get it from the mail, use it right away. Explore yourself! There’s something so empowering and wonderful to have fun, sexy times all by yourself. You’ll realise that you don’t have to wait for someone or for a special occasion to get yourself that electric feels. Everyday can be a special occasion! Do it this time and you’ll feel proud of yourself for pushing the envelope of loving yourself differently. We bet it’ll be one of those crazy story you’ll love telling your partner or your wild friends.