Wild February

Wild February

It is the time of the year once again. People see reds and pinks, and the air smells of flowers and chocolates. Ladies are trying to calm their senses, but more often than not they daydream of their February 14 celebration. Planned or unplanned, it does not matter. Men are busy too trying to be a man, good on the outside dirty on the inside, or vice versa. It will neither be just plain good nor pure darkness.


Ever wonder how to make this year’s celebration different from your last?

Aren’t you getting tired of the usual date, drink, sex, then head back to normal routine the following day? For some, that is good enough. But, why settle for the usual stuff when you can be wild and fun, right?

For the natural born crazy, adventurous ones who know how to have fun these things are already given. But you wouldn’t be here reading this if you are not… one of the wild ones. So, let’s get started and keep your fire burning, lust running, and your wild beast humping!

Let’s try to check all of these things on the list, whether you’ve done it before and want to try it again, let’s do the count down. I hope to awaken your naughtiness, and thank us later!


Number 5: Send your partner flowers and a couple of lubes in it. Slimy is in!

February is love awareness month. You see, love can be more than what your heart beats for. It can be as simple as trying to make someone smile differently, stare lustfully, breathe with their mouth open to anything that will cause you to feel the heat of your body, the beat of your heart, and the flow of your blood from your veins. Your tits will be hard, for sure! Love, sometimes, feels weird, like that. Send your lover flowers, not at their home address, send it where you think he/she will be caught off guard! Send it first thing in the morning, even before their coffee. Be generous to your partner and you’ll reap your rewards later. Give them flowers for the occasion, and lubricants to signal something rough, deep and nasty will happen at the end of the day. Not one but two tubes says you will exhaust them up happily. Oh, and don’t forget to accentuate your sweet bouquet with a complimentary note down under. Remember to be dirty and nasty! Your partner will like it better. Be very creative and very sensual, thoughtful yet brief. Write it, use your hand and fingers. Always make leave them hanging and asking for more.


Number 4: Send sexy text messages all day long.

Love yourself first then love them later. Start thinking how you wanted to be pampered and touched and share it to your partner through a series of text messages as if you are thinking out loud. Start sending text message early in the morning as if you are begging for a morning sex. Yes, even if you are living under the same roof. Of course, send it when he or she is not holding his/her mobile phone. Remember: the element of waiting and idea of surprise tick your imagination. You can even send your partner pictures of sexy lingerie that you think he would instantly think of you wearing, or that you wanted him/her to wear. It’s up to you how you’d like to set the tone. Do not break from this tone, and be consistent until it’s Sexy Time! You can even create an electronic invite for a sex party for both of you tonight. Be naughty and keep your fun!


Number 3: Ask your lover to meet you somewhere public during your lunch or break time from work, and try play a Dare Game of shameful PDAs

Yaas! Rekindle your teenage years of trying to do private things in public. What makes this fun is the fact that you are now adults and you try to act like careless teenagers. Make out somewhere public. Lick the ice cream from his face, or finish the cake from your hands, licking the icing in each finger. Be clingy, be sexy, but be competitive. Competition is sexy. Do not let your partner win. Always make your next move very tough to top. Make your partner feel that you prepared for this and that thought alone will give him/her a different excitement you’ll both enjoy! Think of it as an early foreplay for a hot, wild sex that’s coming later. Make your partner wonder what is the prize of the Dare Game later.


Number 2: Remember Bird Box

Play a sexy music on your speaker. Undress very slowly in from of your partner, before you undress him. Ask him/her to sit on a chair and tell your partner to wear a blindfold made of lace. Hand him/her the blindfold. You’ll give him a lap dance and ask him to whip you every now and then. Take turns doing this until your playlist ends and then let it go. Let go with the flow. It’s okay to open your eyes to the beauty of what’s happening. Keep a bottle of wine beside you and celebrate the night of wild February.


Number 1: Send a mystery package with a mystery note. Send it 3 days before Valentine’s Day.

This is the moment when you wanted to create a memorable experience with your lover. This time, you have to be a different persona. Think of doing a role play but very, very wild! Be the persona your partner will never have thought you are capable of. Change things up be a  dominatrix if you’re a submissive one. The sheep if you are the dominant one during sex. Give your partner the gift of surprise. The best thing to do this is with the help of sex toys and do some research, babe! Sex toys are your instrument of success, your tool of glory! It is something that he/she wish to experience, but never thought of asking you to do for him/her. Splash your naughtiness and darkness to this plan. Plan ahead and prepare for the act. Make it appealing to the senses --- for your lover’s sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Do you know your partner’s weakest sense? Target that. You know his/her favourite position, do that to him/her. If you are unsure of what you’re doing ask him/her to guide you but never let go of your persona. Spank him. Gag him. Make him beg for it. Let her be on top. Tell her to bang you like crazy. Beg for more! Order her to do you good. Make your partner suffer before he/she taste the reward. Exhaust each other and don’t stop until you’re both on the floor panting and smiling how great it feels that you did what you did.


Perhaps, February is short to let our crazy love run out of time. It’ll keep us asking for more.